Brandy Heinrich: Art & Illustration


I’m a part-time freelance artist in the U.S., currently living in St. Petersburg, Florida.

As a self-taught artist working primarily in traditional media, my art mainly employs graphite, watercolor, acrylic, and ink. I also do a lot of experimenting with different tools and techniques, including incorporating collage and found objects. Glitter is usually in there somewhere. I enjoy creative storytelling and large amounts of whimsy, and find a lot of inspiration in classic children's illustration, as well as contemporary art, especially the work of lowbrow artists and pop surrealists. 

I started participating in local events in 2016, and I'm currently looking for additional opportunities to showcase my work. 

Artist resume

Samples of work: paintings

Samples of work: mixed media/craft


I can be reached at and am also active on Facebook and Instagram