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This Is Blog Post Zero

Since this is the first post on the new blog platform (which is my website), I'll keep it a bit brief. I know I owe newsletter subscribers some updates on the giveaway, which will be sent out this week. The big thing taking up a lot of my spare brain-space currently is the number of travel plans being made right now: a long weekend away for Labor Day, a trip to Connecticut to spend Halloween with my best friend, North Florida in December for my youngest sister's college graduation, and spending the holidays with family in Pennsylvania. In between, I'm doing some preventative health stuff, so peppering my days with appointments and such. So if I'm a little distracted, there you go.

So far 2016 has been a strange amalgam of gains and losses. The beginning of the year brought sadness and a renewed reminder of time being incredibly finite. This summer has been about trying to find a focus and changes at the day-job that may - or may not - serve to reaffirm certain other goals. And those goals are in progress, believe me. This summer here in Big Swampy has been the most unbearable in my (admittedly faulty) memory, so I'm working on shoring up the exit strategy for points north. 

As far as art updates - I've made small progress in my skills development and my dedication to creating completed pieces of work. The rest of the year will be about networking and promotions. And finishing art! I'm going to be trying to find a place for my paintings to be displayed and offered for sale locally. Since I'm a list person (yay lists!), I've started a contact sheet to track prospects and feedback. 

Be on the lookout for updates on those endeavors, an upcoming post on the topic of supplies (including an anecdote about my recent acrylic paint sticker shock), and maybe a post about my local art-scene here from the perspective of someone on the outside. 


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