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"Where the magic happens"

"Where the magic happens"

Wow. It's been over half a year since I posted an update here. Well. Let's fix that, then. It's been an eventful few months. Since that last post in October, I've participated in my first public exhibit (and sold my first painting to a non-family member!), took part in a public juried show at a local gallery, had a few pieces on display in some spaces, and tried my hand at an outdoor market. I've received some commission requests and sold a few items here and there - there are pieces sporting my initials from Connecticut to Oregon and from Canada to Florida. But I've kind of hit a lull right now in my motivation to make art to sell. Part of it is upcoming travel that will make projects a little difficult to tackle, so I've decided to focus on drawing for fun and working more on some fundamentals of composition. Expect lots of photos of terrible hand drawings and messy watercolor studies, and with the themed months of "Mermay" and "Junicorn" maybe I'll be self-indulgent and do mermaid and unicorn sketches.

Plus, in the meantime, I have too many little illustrations and mixed-media pieces that I didn't sell at the market that are taking up space, so I'm going to go through and offer a lot of things for sale. The other thing I've decided to look at is creating some collage and different mixed-media pieces. I have a collection of bits and pieces (what people call "ephemera"), as well as a painting that I'm planning on incorporating a 3-dimensional element in. And there are the commissions I haven't finished that I should also be working on. So it's not like I don't have ideas. I always have plenty of those. Motivation and energy and follow-through are where I bottom out.

A possible topic for my next post may be social media: where to find me, what to expect, how it works...and doesn't. In the meantime, catch me over on Facebook, and taking pictures of food on Instagram.


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