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This past weekend I participated in my second artist market. Each one has definitely been a learning experience. The major takeaway from this one is that the creative community here is incredible. They really have been as a whole, with very few exceptions, some of the most supportive, helpful, welcoming bunch of people I've ever met. When I was setting up my table, one of my neighboring vendors noticed I didn't have a shelter, and noting the weather that day, offered a loaner to me. I was floored by their generosity to me, and having a pop-up over the table made the whole experience of sitting in a Florida parking lot in pre-Summer much more enjoyable. (The excellent ciders at the venue also helped, I'll be honest...) I need to rethink my setup, as well as what I'm offering. In all, it was a nice day spent with my teenager serving as my booth-buddy for the day. I have two group art shows coming up, and then the plan is to take a part of the summer off to move to a house in a new community and get my new studio space set up. I'm really looking forward to it. 


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